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6 Reasons to Go on a Coworking Trip

Updated: May 3, 2023

digital nomad girls on a coworking trip

You might think that going on a CoWorking Trip is only for Digital Nomads. But if you like to travel and are working remotely, they are the best thing that ever happened to you.

When joining a CoWorking Trip, you can move your office away from your desk at home to dreamy destinations worldwide. You’ll join other remote professionals, work in a unique destination and discover your surroundings after work and on the weekends.

Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

Here are some excellent reasons to join a CoWorking Trip this year

There are many benefits to going on CoWorking Trips, and most of these reasons will also help you to convince your boss to let you work from anywhere in the world.

digital nomads on a coworking trip

1. Get a Motivational Boost

A change of scenery and a productive working environment can help you push your motivation. At your desk at home, you might be staring at a wall or out the window into the grey skies. Working with a sea view and the prospect of spending time at the beach at the end of your day will help you motivate yourself not to move your tasks to the next day!

2. Strengthen your Team Skills

On CoWorking Trips, you can strengthen your team skills. While you may not have to share an office with other remote professionals, you will learn how to deal with teams and find compromises on a new level. Working with other remote professionals will teach you how to deal with teams and learn new ways of communicating and compromising.

3. Networking & Skill Sharing

This immediately takes us to the next point: you’ll meet new people with unique skills. You’ll connect with people working inside and outside of your bubble. All of them offer a unique perspective on things. People who travel together stay friends forever.

One way to connect with your fellow travelers on your CoWorking Trips is through skill-sharing sessions. As a group, you can find time to share your unique knowledge. This does not necessarily have to do with your job but can also be a hobby you know inside and out. Tell your new friends about excellent tips and tricks you have for photography, or teach them how to write the perfect blog post. Share your passion with others and learn new things from them as well.

4. Find new passions

When learning from others in these skill-sharing sessions, you might find new passions you never thought about pursuing. CoWorking Trips are also a great way to determine your kind of traveler. These new skills also come in handy when working and moving forward in your career. Expanding your horizons and finding new passions will help you in life.

laptop of remote worker on coworking trip

5. Learn more about Flexibility & Balance

At home, we often bury ourselves in work and forget what flexibility and balance mean. When working remotely from a beautiful place anywhere in the world, you’ll be able to rediscover this balance, and it will open you up to becoming more flexible. You’ll learn how to balance your work time and the time you want to spend exploring the beautiful destination you chose to work in. You can reflect on your work better and might understand the bigger picture better than ever before.

6. Become more Productive

Last but definitely not least, you’ll be more productive. While many managers believe you’ll become less productive, a CoWorking Trip can immensely boost your productivity. Everyone on your trip will also be working around the same time you do. There are fewer distractions, and the prospect of enjoying your weekend or End of Day exploring and relaxing in a beautiful place will boost your productivity. You’ll also be more creative and get things done faster and better than before.

Are you ready for a new adventure? Check out CoWorking Trips at JoinMyTrip!

group of digital nomads during a coworking trip

JoinMyTrip’s mission is to connect like-minded travelers around the world. All trips are organized by travelers, and you don’t have to organize trips. Simply join one of JoinMyTrip’s coworking trips and start your next adventure with travelers.


Kira is a writer and SEO expert at JoinMyTrip. On the JoinMyTrip Blog, she and her team tell inspiring travel stories from all over the world to inspire and connect readers and travelers worldwide.

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